Selecting an Auxiliary Site


An administrator can configure additional server sources, called auxiliary sites, at the account and site level. This allows users to select images, media, or make links in the WYSIWYG Editor or Source Editor to files that reside on servers other than the production server to which the OU Campus pages are set to publish. Auxiliary sites are commonly used as repositories for media, such as images and videos.

Using Auxiliary Sites

When browsing in a file chooser for a link, image, or video, the selection drop-down is available in the upper right-hand corner of the screen:

Auxiliary Site Selecting

Clicking on the drop-down menu shows the list available environments, including the usual staging and production servers, as well as auxiliary sites, and any additional publish targets.

A user can choose another server and it will appear in the browser window just like the normal staging and production servers. From this point, the process is just like inserting a link, image, or video normally.