Add-Ons Setup


Add-Ons are optional links to applications or webpages that can be viewed within OU Campus via the Add-Ons menu in the global navigation bar. They can load either in a new browser tab or within the OU Campus interface. New Add-Ons can be added without additional programming by a level 10 administrator.

Add-Ons are found in the Add-Ons menu in the global navigation bar.

Add-Ons Menu

Web applications such as event calendars, polls, wikis, course management systems, and more can be added to the Add-Ons menu. Add-Ons can also be created for common reference sites such as a campus style guide.

Example of Add-On: Web Style Guide

Marketplace is also accessed under the Add-Ons menu. For more information about Marketplace, visit the Marketplace page.

Configuring Add-Ons

Add-Ons are added into OU Campus by a level 10 administrator under the Setup > Account menu. For more information, visit the Add-Ons Setup page.

An unlimited amount of Add-Ons can be added into the system. Each Add-On can be restricted to administrators only and set to open in a new window, if desired.

Once a Level 10 administrator has enabled the Add-On under Account Settings and configured it, it is available in the Add-Ons menu.

If you have purchased the module Emergency Alerts, it will appear in the Add-Ons Menu. For more information, visit the Emergency Alerts page.