In addition to the topics provided in an HTML format on the Support Site for version 10, information is also available in other formats. This includes XML and PDFs. The available PDFs are generated in mainly three methods.

Single Topic PDFs

These are automatically generated and available from the View/Download PDF link in the right sidebar on every page. This is an example of how OU Campus can provide multiple outputs of content programmatically. In this case the PDF output is coded into a PCF with the pcf-stylesheet declaration to provide an alternative output. The links to the PDF for the topic are available on the right sidebar on each page.

Booklet Print

PDF booklets are compiled by including several topics from the Support Site version 10. This is also an example of how XSL-FO stylesheets can be used to provide specific formatting for a PDF output as the implementations team utilized XSL/XSL-FO to automatically create a title page, table of contents, and numbered pages to create the PDF.

PDF booklets are available:


"One-off" PDFs

These PDFs are generated from content not included within the Support Site specifically in that form, for example, from a Microsoft Word document. The list of these is as follows:

Binary Management Version 10 (rev3)

Binary Management Migration Tool

Dependency Manager White Paper (revised 10/23/15)