OU Campus Updates

Most Recent Version: 10.10.1

OU Campus version 10.10 was released on December 18, 2018. It contains the new feature, Components

Components are an easy way to enter content into complex design elements. Each component consists of a form for your content editors to fill out, and source code that takes those answers and applies styling and formatting. Like snippets, components become part of the source code of a page, but like assets, when the original component is updated, all components placed on pages are affected, too.

Once the version is released and stable, self-hosted customers will be notified to schedule their version upgrade.

You can view the release notes either in the help menu of OU Campus, or via the OCN.

Components FAQ

Q: Where can I put components?

A: Inside editable regions on pages.


Q: How do I add a component to a page?

A: Click the "Insert Component" button (An atom icon) in the JustEdit toolbar. Fill out the component fields and click Insert.


Q: I don't see components in my toolbar.

A: Components are not available if you're using the Classic WYSIWYG editor. Also, has a custom toolbar been assigned to you or the page you're working on? Components is off by default on all custom toolbars. Administrators can edit toolbars from Setup Toolbars.


Q: Who can make and use components?

A: Any user with editing permissions can add components to pages. Only level 10 users can create, edit, and launch components, from Content Compontents. 


Q: Can I put an asset in a component?

A: An asset picker can be included in the component form. However, you cannot put an asset in a component's source code. Only web content, source code, and plain text assets can be inserted.


Q: Can I put a snippet in a component?

A: No.


Q: I don't have any components in my account.

A: Components are customizable content like snippets and assets that you must create before you can use. If you're interested in professional development to make components, contact your account director.


Q: I put a component on a page and the page broke.

A: Because components are inserted into the source code of the page, they must be valid XML to work correctly. 


Q: I'm a self-hosted customer, when do I get components?

A: OU Campus releases are generally available for self-hosted customers about one to two weeks after the SaaS release date. Your institution will be contacted by email to schedule a version upgrade. 

Update 1/4/18: A version of OU Campus with components is projected to be available to self-hosted customers in late January/early February.


If you experience unexpected results when first using OU Campus after a release, please clear your browser's cache and relaunch the browser.

Previously Released

OU Campus version 10.9 came out on August 9th, 2018. It contained the ability to make accessibility check exceptions.