OU Campus Updates

Most Recent Update: 10.8.1

OU Campus version 10.8.1 was released on June 7th, 2018. It contains the following bug fixes and enhancements:

  • The WYSIWYG Help Tool will now load correctly when Always Use HTTPS is enabled.
  • The notification for successfully deleting multiple snippet categories will now say the correct number of categories deleted.

We will also be making additional back-end improvements to OU Campus performance in list view when there are many results.

View Release Notes here

Feature Updates

Version 10.8 brings enhancements to the Snippets functionality and was released on May 3rd.

These enhancements are: 

  • An updated interface for editing snippets. This includes access settings determining who can use each snippet and what sites the snippet is available to.
    A panel with fields for typing information, dropdown lists, and a list of sites to select.
    • Snippets are available at an account level, but can be restricted for use in specific sites. Existing snippets will automatically be restricted to their current site but can be modified for use in multiple sites
  • Snippet source code is now edited directly in the snippet view, as opposed to being a separate file stored in /_resources/ or a similar location. 
    • Snippets won’t all be migrated immediately at release. The first time a Snippet is used after the release (for editing, or even when it’s inserted on a page), it will be migrated automatically behind the scenes (this is transparent to the user). Note: Do not edit the snippet source code files in /_resources/ anymore, as changes made to these files will no longer affect the snippet.
  • While not in this first release of 10.8, a future update will add support for editing Snippets via WebDAV.
  • Snippet names can no longer contain the slash characters (\, /). Any snippet names containing these characters will have them replaced with the vertical bar (|).

These changes will not impact snippets already in use or placing them on pages. Users will be able to insert and edit snippets as normal. 

Previously Released

OU Campus version 10.7 came out on April 19th, 2017. It contained Global Search, which allows you to search your site for any kind of content, including files, assets, and users.

This update also removed the "FTP" option for Production Server FTP Settings for SaaS customers, as this option is not supported by OU Campus.