OU Campus Updates

Next Update: 10.6.1

Release Date:

  • November 2, 2017 for SaaS customers

  • Self-Hosted customers will be contacted by our support team to schedule an update time, once the latest version of 10.6 is verified for release 

This is a bug-fix release and does not contain any new features.

Feature Updates (released October 11th) contains the following features:

Changes to the Groups Interface

The interface for making and editing groups has been modified slightly. Users display username as well as full name, and selected users automatically appear at the top of the list when editing a group.

Edit Group

Selecting "Edit" on a group will now bring up a modal to edit only that group. To add users to multiple groups, select the desired groups in Groups List View and then click the "Add Users" option from the blue top bar.

Select Multiple Groups

From here you will be able to add multiple users to more than one group simultaneously.

Adding Users to Groups

When editing groups from the User Information panel, the groups that user is in will also take priority in the display.

User Information Panel

For more information on groups, visit this page. Note that this page will not document upcoming changes until the update is released.

Previously Released

OU Campus version 10.6 came out on September 21, 2017. In addition to changes to the groups interface, it also contained the Always Use HTTPs option to enforce serving your implementation of OU Campus over HTTPs. To read more about this feature, visit this page.

For the most recent release notes, go to Release Notes in the Help menu in OU Campus or visit the OCN