OU Campus Updates

Upcoming Version: 10.11

The newest version of OU Campus, 10.11, is scheduled for release on March 28th, 2019. It contains several bug fixes and the following enhancements: 

  • The URL Shortener gadget will use TinyURL's services, instead of Google's. Any previously-generated links remain valid.
  • The WCAG 2.1 (A, AA, AAA) guideline will be added to the options for Accessibility CheckWCAG 2.1 will not be enabled automatically; to use it for your checks, change the setting in Setup > Account > Publish Settings.

We are also making some additional enhancements to Accessibility Check so it can report on and validate more criteria, which may change your accessibility check results.

You can view the release notes either in the help menu of OU Campus, or via the OCN

If you experience unexpected results when first using OU Campus after a release, please clear your browser's cache and relaunch the browser. Once the version is released and stable, self-hosted customers will be notified to schedule their version upgrade.

Previously Released

OU Campus version 10.10 was released on December 18, 2018. It contains the new feature, Components

Components are an easy way to enter content into complex design elements. Each component consists of a form for your content editors to fill out, and source code that takes those answers and applies styling and formatting. Like snippets, components become part of the source code of a page, but like assets, when the original component is updated, all components placed on pages are affected, too.