Supported Browsers


Here is a list of the browsers and release versions that are currently supported and tested for use with the OU Campus interface. Please note that this list is not related to the browsers that an institution may choose to support for visitors to web sites that are managed in OU Campus

Currently the following browsers are supported:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer versions: 11, Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox versions: ESR 45, 44, 45, 46
  • Google Chrome versions: 48, 49, 50
  • Apple Mac OS X Safari versions: 8.0.x, 9.x

Opening Multiple Browser Tabs

One strategy for updating content in OU Campus is to open multiple tabs with one browser in order to work on one or more files simultaneously. While this can be employed with OU Campus version 10, browsers limit the number of persistent connections that can be open at the same time to the same server. In modern browsers, this limit is generally five. Additionally, certain actions in OU Campus cause a connection to be opened. Once the maximum number of open connections has been reached, the system has to wait for a connection to be closed before another connection can be made. This can lead to a slow response in the browser. One work-around is to limit the number of open tabs (or browser windows); two or three is a reasonable number that allows other processes to open connections. Another option is to use more than one brand of browser, such as IE, Chrome, and Firefox.  

Browser Certification

Once certified, OmniUpdate will support the current release of the listed browsers and up to 2 versions back (until the oldest of the 3 drops below 5% of that browser's user base).

We regularly monitor the browser/version usage of OU Campus from all of our SaaS user base. All other older versions of the currently supported browsers fall below 1% of OU Campus user share. For example, the web browser Opera is not supported as it is less than 0.03% of OU Campus users. New, major releases of a browser are supported after they have been formally released by the vendor and thoroughly tested by our development and QA test teams. 

In order to continue to improve the OU Campus UI and deliver more advanced features and performance, OmniUpdate continues to harness the latest improvements in web browser technology. To accomplish this goal, we have dropped support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 (IE 10) in the OU Campus v10 interface (after the release of OU Campus 10.4 on March 31, 2016). This change also allows us to continue to streamline and speed up our development process and testing timelines.

We actively monitor the analytics of browser/version usage across the OU Campus user base throughout the year. Currently, IE 10 is used by less than 0.6% of all OU Campus users. Such low usage statistics informed our decision to drop support on March 31, 2016.

What our 'dropping support’ for IE 10 means: OmniUpdate will no longer specifically code for IE 10 what would be needed to allow a given OU Campus v10 feature to operate properly in this browser. We will no longer test the OU Campus v10 interface with IE 10.

OmniUpdate generally supports the current release and up to 2 versions back (until the oldest drops below 5% of that browser's user base).

We think you will agree that dropping support for IE 10 is inevitable (Microsoft dropped support for IE 10 in January of this year). FYI, our analytics show OU Campus use by browser (across all browser versions) is 58% Chrome, 25% Firefox, 7% Safari, and 8% Internet Explorer.

Users logging in to OU Campus with IE 10 would receive a message explaining the upcoming change, and suggesting upgrading to the latest version of Internet Explorer, or the use of a current version of the Chrome or Firefox browsers, as well as referring them to contact their HelpDesk about upgrading their system or browser.

Please Note: This change in supported browser versions for the OU Campus user interface does not affect what browsers you choose to support on your web sites, from a visitor's perspective. This change would only affect a minority of your internal college/university personnel who are users/editors/admins of the OU Campus CMS. If you have a visitor base that requires that your website supports the use of IE 10, you can continue to do so after we stop supporting this browser within the OU Campus interface.