Support Services FAQ


The OmniUpdate Support team is great and we're here to help you. In some cases our best advice is to refer you to another source or whatever. Other times, your request may fall outside of the scope of the support services we offer. This page is to provide answers to common questions associated with the Support Services Offerings Guide that every customer has received when they purchase an OU Campus license.

How can I contact the OmniUpdate Support staff?

Our Support team is available via three methods of communication: by phone, by email, or through the OmniUpdate HelpDesk interface online. These services are available to named users in the support contract.

We have a no-hold policy with our phone system. Within two rings you will either have your call answered by a live support tech, or you will be directed to our voicemail system. Every voicemail will automatically generate a ticket in our HelpDesk system. Sending an email to will also automatically create a ticket in our HelpDesk system.

What are my options if I'm not a named user?

If you are not a named user in the OmniUpdate support contract, you have a wide variety of options available to get support. The options below are all resources to learn more about the product and troubleshoot potential issues:

  • The OU Campus Support Site - The support site is a one-stop reference guide for all functionality in OU Campus. Visit the support site for video tutorials, detailed documentation for all features and functions in OU Campus, printable reference materials, and more.
  • The OmniUpdate Community Network (OCN) - Visit the OCN to engage with peers from other institutions, share media, and ask questions on our forums. Product release notes, events, and other announcements are also posted here.
  • Learning Management System (LMS) - The LMS is a tool for users to better understand the LMS through a series of self-paced courses with video tutorials, quizzes, and step-by-step tutorials. Your institution may also create and distribute OU Campus training materials for your users in the LMS.
  • OmniUpdate Feedback Forum - The Feedback Forum is where users can submit a product or feature request and vote on feature requests that other users have submitted
  • Monthly Training Tuesday Webinars - These 45-minute-webinars are delivered monthly on the last Tuesday of every month and cover a single feature or subject concerning OU Campus.

Finally, we suggest contacting an OU Campus administrator at your institution; a named user may need to create a ticket on your behalf, which will then be investigated by our Support team

What are the available Support Plans?

OmniUpdate offers the following four support plans with every new customer license. All Enterprise Server License (ESL) customers will receive support equivalent to the Gold tier of Software-as-a-service (SaaS) support. Customers can contact their OmniUpdate Sales Representative to change their service level at any time.

License Type Service Level Description
Enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Bronze
  • One (1) named user who may use the OmniUpdate Live HelpDesk Support Services.
  • Up to 20 support tickets per contract year
  • Up to five (5) named users who may use the OmniUpdate HelpDesk Services.
  • Up to 60 support tickets per contract year
  • Up to ten (10) named users who may use the OmniUpdate HelpDesk Services.
  • Unlimited support tickets per contract year
Enterprise Server License (ESL) ESL Support
  • Up to ten (10) named users who may use the OmniUpdate HelpDesk Services.
  • Unlimited support tickets per contract year

What happens if I exceed my yearly ticket limit?

Bronze and Silver support plans have a yearly ticket limit, but exceeding that limit will not prevent that institution from submitting more tickets. Tickets will be responded to normally, and customers should expect a call from an OmniUpdate Sales representative to discuss upgrading their support plan.

What services are covered under the Support License?


What services are not covered under the Support License?


How much does the Support Plus Plan cost?

If you are interested in purchasing professional support hours as a part of the Support Plus Plan, please contact your OmniUpdate Sales Director or email, as pricing will vary according to your institution's specific needs.

How quickly should I expect my ticket to be solved?

We pride ourselves in the fact that more than 50% of all support tickets are solved within four (4) business hours. While we strive to solve as many tickets in this time, not all tickets can be resolved this quickly and may require additional information and research.