Task 1: Build an HTML Page

Create a full working webpage that looks similar to the screenshot and should have the following functionality -

Task 1: HTML Layout

  1. The page should be valid HTML5 and also pass section 508 accessibility requirements.
  2. Include all types of headings, paragraph, list, table tags on the page and style it using correct CSS.
  3. Learn about jQuery plugin called light box- http://lokeshdhakar.com/projects/lightbox2/
  4. Add 5 images to your web page with lightbox effect.
  5. Make sure you have proper comments in your code
  6. Make sure you use CSS3 rounded corners as shown in the screenshot.

How to submit-

Save your webpage and all the required files as a compressed folder with .zip extension. Include a reference to your name, for example candidate Fred Sand, task1-fsand.zip. 

Useful Links-