Error Messages



Error messages in OU Campus can occur when a page fails to load or a user may encounter a general server error. Other types of errors include issues that can arise with template design and the use of XML/XSL files and may indicate in the message that a PCF file could not be rendered and include more information as to the specific nature of the error. 

Example of an Error Message in OU Campus

Error Message Types

Type Codes Description
Parsing Errors TRANSFORM_ERROR  Parsing errors occur when the XML parser encounters an error with the XML or XSL used to render the page or file. Go into the source code of the offending files to investigate the issue.
Publish Failures N/A If multiple files are published at once, some files may not successfully publish. In this case, a Publish Failures error will appear, listing the files that did not successfully publish. 
 Session Expiration N/A  If a user has not been active in OU Campus for a long duration of time (~30 minutes), the OU Campus application will disconnect and the user will be logged out due to inactivity.