Not the page you were looking for?

If you were trying to log in to OU Campus and ended up here, don't worry! All this means is that the DirectEdit link you were using to log in still points to an old v9 address.

To fix this, all you need to do is republish that page. It will automatically update to v10, no other changes necessary. 

In order to log into OU Campus, we recommend using the DirectEdit link on another, more recently updated page in your institution's website (such as an events page, perhaps). Once you are logged into OU Campus, use the file structure or pages list view to navigate to the page you need to publish. For more information on navigating OU Campus, visit the Interface page.  

If you do not have another way to access OU Campus, or the ability to publish pages, contact your system administrator. If republishing the page does not fix the problem, contact our support team for assistance.