Browser Behaviors


Content created by OU Campus can be viewed by any browser. The Supported Browsers page outlines the browsers that are supported when editing within OU Campus. This topic explains the use of cut, copy, and paste with the WYSIWYG Editor and the differing behavior with regard to browsers.

Many browsers disable the use of the cut, copy, and paste commands via the WYSIWYG toolbar for security purposes. This is not a function of OU Campus; this is a browser behavior. The alternative workaround is to use keyboard shortcuts. 

Previously, the security preferences for Firefox, Mac and PC, could be edited to allow for the use of the cut, copy, and paste tools in the WYSIWYG Editor. This work-around cannot be proven effective for all Firefox users and the topic has been removed from the Support Sites.

Browser Behaviors for Cut, Copy, Paste

Browser/OS Toolbar Support
Firefox Toolbar buttons not supported; user is prompted to use keyboard shortcuts.
Webkit(Chrome, Safari) Toolbar buttons not supported; user is prompted to use keyboard shortcuts.
IE 11 Toolbar buttons supported, but a message prompts the user asking if the webpage should be allowed to access the keyboard.


Warning Message in Firefox/Chrome/Safari

Internet Explorer

Clipboard Access Message in Internet Explorer 11

Keyboard Shortcuts

In OU Campus keyboard shortcuts work for all supported browsers and operating system combinations.

Command Shortcut Mac Shortcut PC