About This Site

The content of the Support site is organized by content and is aligned with the content groupings of the v10 interface. The major categories are:

  • About: Contains basic information about OU Campus, as well as training and support resources
  • Interface: Provides an overview of the major elements of the interface and how to navigate throughout. Also contains information about RSS feeds & News and Events.
  • Pages: Provides information about editing, reviewing, and publishing and other page options and actions that are available. Includes information about WYSIWYG Editing.
  • Reusable Content: Includes creating and using assets, snippets, and include files.
  • Social Media: Includes information about OU Social, Facebook, Twitter, and how to integrate and publish social media content in conjunction with OU Campus.
  • Reports: Includes information about reports that are available to users levels 1 through 8 and to level 9 and 10 administrators.
  • Setup: Provides information about the setup items that are on the Setup menu and for other major functionalities within OU Campus.
  • OU Campus Modules: Includes information about the various optional modules that can be used in conjunction with OU Campus, including Live Delivery Platform, OU Blogs, and Email Campaign Manager.
  • Site Development: Provides information for the web developer audience who may need to prepare content or migrate content into OU Campus and develop templates for existing sites.
  • Super Administration: Provides information for the Super Administration interface for OU Campus for Enterprise installations.

Home Page

A large portion of the content of the Support site is accessible from the home page. The content is categorized in alignment with the interface and these major sections can be clicked through to by the link-boxes on the left. The drop-down navigation bar at the top provides links to information organized by audience, to the PDF reference guides, and displays an RSS feed of recent releases.

Training Tuesday

On the last Tuesday of every month, our Training team holds a free webinar for users about certain parts of OU Campus. To watch past recordings, please visit the Training Tuesdays page.

A series of shorter training videos explaining various aspects of usage, particularly the WYSIWYG functionality, are available both as FLVs and MP4s. Watch them on the Video Tutorials page.

Popular Topics

The Popular Topics tag cloud includes links to frequently searched-for topics.

Popular Topics Panel

System Status

The System Status information gives real-time information on the state of OmniUpdate systems.

System Status

Recent Features

The Recent Releases area includes a short list of recent features and releases based on an RSS feed. 

Recent Features and Releases

Support RSS

The Support RSS feed can be subscribed from the Support RSS Feed Icon, which can be found in the top left of the page.

RSS Feed Icon

Shared Design Elements

On every page of the Support site, there are several shared elements. They include the top navigation and the secondary navigation bar.

The top navigation bar includes these links to the major sections of the Support site: pages geared towards End-Users and Administrators, links to Training resources, What's New in OU Campus and on the Support site, and Support links.

The Support site is just one facet of the network of support for OU Campus. The in-house technical support team can be contacted via phone, Help Desk ticket system, or email. Members of the active OmniUpdate Community Network (OCN) include both staff and OU Campus administrators and users. The OU Campus New Features and Feedback Forum provides a way to offer a suggestion for a new feature or improved functionality for an existing feature for OU Campus. The links are accessible on every page by clicking the corresponding icon:

Network of Support

For more information about contacting support, please see the Contacting Support page.


OmniUpdate's OU Search feature is available on every page.

Search Box

Advanced search includes several ways to delimit the search, including:

  • Searching by words, phrases, or name
  • Location of the words or phrase
  • Whether the search should, must, or must not contain the words or phrase
  • Searching by a specified time period or date range
  • Searching by document type (e.g., .html, .xml, .pdf)

The advanced search functionality includes options regarding how many results to show, how to sort (by relevance or date), with or without summaries, and grouped by location (or not). One last option is to include the word scores. Word scores are the number of hits each search term receives, as shown at the top of the search results page.

Interior Pages


The interior pages of the OU Campus Support site have collapsible/expandable navigational elements. The left-side navigation column can be collapsed to show just the article content. It can also be expanded or collapsed to show or hide the subtopics of a particular section, or expanded to show the complete hierarchy.

Left Navigation Column

The right-hand navigation column includes a link to the page in a printable PDF. Some pages have a Related Content area, which provides internal and external links to additional information, including any available videos.

Right Navigation Column

The automated breadcrumbs at the top of each article page show the directory path to the current file. The date the page was last updated can be found to the right of the main heading.

Breadcrumb Trail Shows Directory Path


Many pages contain screenshots of OU Campus, including aspects of it that will vary from implementation to implementation (such as page parameters and templates). For these screenshots we have used OmniUpdate's fictional college, Gallena University, and its website. Please bear in mind that some specifics of your OU Campus implementation may therefore vary from what is shown in screenshots.  


The interior pages are designed for easy printing. The navigational elements and the comments area are omitted when printing an article.  

Feedback Form

Included at the end of each article page is a short feedback form, asking whether the page was helpful, with additional spaces to add comments and your email address if you'd like a reply from an OmniUpdate team member. We do appreciate your feedback and are continually striving to improve on the content of the Support site and its overall usability. 

Support Site Feedback Form

Accessing the Support Site

The support site can be accessed:

  • Directly by going to https://support.omniupdate.com/
  • Via the Help button in the main OU Campus interface. Clicking the Help button opens the Support Site in a new browser window.

    Help Button
  • Hover over the Help button to display the rest of the menu.

    Help Menu Drop-Down
    These include:
    Support: Opens the Support Site in a new browser window
    Community: OmniUpdate Community Network (OCN)
    Feedback: New Features and Feedback Forum
    Release Notes: Opens a modal that lists release notes.

  • In the WYSIWYG and JustEdit editors, there is a Help icon found in the top right of the toolbar. This link brings up a pop-up window detailing the functions of all icons in the toolbar.

    Help Icon in JustEdit Toolbar
  • Via the document-specific links within an area of the OU Campus interface