Important Information Regarding the Release of 10.4

Who will receive the update to version 10.4, and when?

All SaaS customers were automatically upgraded to version 10.4.

Enterprise Server License (ESL) customers can schedule an upgrade to version 10.4 by contacting

What features are immediately available?

Administrators are now able to go into the Marketplace and add the two new gadgets, Bookmarks and Notes, into their account. Additionally, Tag Management is now available for use. 

What about LDP Forms?

The enhancements to LDP Forms (new/enhanced form elements, CAPTCHA, enhancements to email messages, and improved options for success/failure messages) will only be available after the server-side module (SSM) is upgraded by OmniUpdate. The new features will not appear in the Form Asset Creation screen until the SSM has been upgraded to the newest version.

Once the SSM has been upgraded, the new features will be shown in OU Campus. In order for any of these new features to display properly on the page, the institution's XSL files that are used to render the form on the page will also need to be updated by OmniUpdate to recognize and transform the new form features.

How does my SSM get upgraded?

We will begin scheduling server-side module upgrades. Email to schedule a time for your SSM upgrade. Upgrade requests will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

What about my XSL?

Because each customer's XSL is custom-built for that institution, XSL upgrades will vary in terms of their complexity and time required to implement. Some may be updated with a simple support ticket, while others may need more time through a small professional service. Either way, contacting will be the first step towards an XSL update to use the new form features.

Is there anything special I need to know about CAPTCHA?

While LDP forms natively have the honeypot anti-spam technique implemented for them out of the box, some institutions may still want to implement CAPTCHA into their forms.

Implementing native CAPTCHA support of any kind (homegrown, ReCAPTCHA, etc.) will be achieved through a small professional service. An institution interested in adding CAPTCHA functionality to their forms should contact to schedule a time for this professional service. The institution will also need their SSM updated in order for CAPTCHA to be functional.

I'm an ESL customer and my version of OU Campus is (or older). Is there anything special I need to do before upgrading to 10.4?

The version of OU Campus immediately following is version 10.3.3. Version 10.3.3 includes an upgrade to our Saxon XML parser, and all subsequent versions of OU Campus require this upgrade. If your Saxon engine hasn't yet been upgraded, our support team will likely review the XSLs in your site in order to ensure that the update to Saxon does not create issues with your templates. Once the review is completed and any issues with the XSLs are fixed, the upgrade to 10.4 may proceed normally, as described above.

No additional work is required on your part if you are an ESL customer using OU Campus version or earlier, though the upgrade process to 10.4 may take slightly longer due to the need to validate your XSLs to be in complance with the new version of Saxon.

Thank you all for your patience regarding this exciting, feature-packed release! Don't hesitate to reach out with questions by emailing

~OmniUpdate Support