Important Information Regarding 10.3 Release

Dear OU Campus Administrators, Developers, and Users,

We are pleased to announce that OU Campus version 10.3 was released on Thursday, July 16th. In addition to over 150 resolved issues, this release includes several key new features: OU Marketplaceā„¢, a site-wide option to limit file upload sizes, and a new fixed footer bar in the user interface.

The OU Marketplace enables administrators to discover and acquire new tools such as marketing modules and cost-free gadgets. Users can access the Marketplace under Add-Ons in the main navigation (Add-Ons will be a new menu item for some customers who had not previously defined their own Add-Ons).

With the new file size upload limit setting, administrators can set site-wide size limits for uploads of new files into the CMS. File size limits can be set separately for text-based files (i.e., text and source files), image files, and all other binary files (e.g., Word, PDF, ZIP, audio, video, etc.). Any file that is already in the staging environment prior to the addition or changing of this setting will remain in the system; this setting only affects newly uploaded files. Level 9 and 10 administrators will be able to bypass the file upload size limits.

Please note that the following file upload size limits will be set by default with the release of 10.3:

  • Text-based files: 250 KB
  • Image files: 1 MB
  • Other binary files: 1,000 MB (1 GB)

If you wish to change these settings, you can do so by editing your site settings under Setup > Sites. If you want to remove the upload limit completely, just clear the values and no limit will be placed on file upload sizes. Note that these settings are done on a per site basis.

More information on this new feature can be found on the Upload Limits page.

Regarding the new fixed footer in the user interface,all users can now easily select pagination (when in list views) or easily select Save or Cancel (when in input screens like Access setting or page Properties) without having to scroll down.

Details on the new fixed footer bar in the user interface can be found on the Fixed Footer page.

We also want to remind your developers of the upcoming change in OU Campus 10.3 in the way custom gadgets (the ones you write!) obtain the authorization tokens they need to make calls to the OU Campus API. This info is detailed in the following OCN post.